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Xem Nhiều 3/2023 # Tổng Hợp 1110 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Experience Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 10) # Top 8 Trend

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1001/ Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness. _ Sacha Guitry

1002/ You shouldn't be afraid of failure – when something fails, you think, 'What did I learn from that experience? I can do better next time.' Then kill that project and move on to the next. Don't get disappointed. _ Niklas Zennstrom

1003/ Essentially what's going to determine how you succeed in New York is how people feel about the space, how delicious the food is, how they perceive the value and, most important of all, how they feel treated. My understanding is Stephen Starr is exceptionally good at all of this and his ability to create a transporting experience. _ Danny Meyer

1004/ Much of a poet's experience takes place in imagination only; the life he tells is oftenest the life that he strongly desires to live, and the power, the purity and height of his utterance may not seldom be the greater because experience here uses the voices of desire. _ George Edward Woodberry

1005/ I'm interested in all forms of performance, yet I think it's difficult to be as equally talented in all of them as they call for such different skills. At the moment, I still feel I'm learning and want as much experience and variety as possible. _ Felicity Jones

1006/ Going to a party, for me, is as much a learning experience as, you know, sitting in a lecture. _ Natalie Portman

1007/ I guess I'm a good manager now. Moreover, I'm loving the concept of donning the producer's hat. It's all very exciting as well as a great learning experience. You're a part of a film right from its conception to its execution, and that's an amazing feeling. _ Malaika Arora Khan

1008/ In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture. _ Nancy Banks Smith

1009/ If a movie is really working, you forget for two hours your Social Security number and where your car is parked. You are having a vicarious experience. You are identifying, in one way or another, with the people on the screen. _ Roger Ebert

1010/ I wanted to escape Small Town U.S.A. To dismiss the boundaries, to explore. My life experience came from watching movies, TV, and reading books and magazines. When your culture comes from watching TV everyday, you're bombarded with images of things that seem cool, places that seem interesting, people who have jobs and careers and opportunities. _ Trent Reznor

1011/ It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune. _ Woody Allen

1012/ Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. _ Oscar Wilde

1013/ People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. _ Eleanor Roosevelt

1014/ A kite needs to be tied down in order to fly. I learned how important restrictions can sometimes be in order to experience freedom. _ Damien Rice

1015/ When I'm writing, I'm constantly thinking about myself, because it's the only experience I have to draw on. And I don't see an exact reflection of myself in every face in the audience, but I know that my songs have validity to them, and that's why the fans are there. _ Chester Bennington

1016/ Sometimes I get so bold and I'm so confident about what I'm doing that I actually try to be more of a dork because it's a really liberating feeling to experience what it's like to not care. _ John Mayer

1017/ There are such beings as vampires, some of us have evidence that they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples. _ Bram Stoker

1018/ I think that personal experience is very important, but certainly it shouldn't be a kind of shut – box and mirror – looking, narcissistic experience. I believe it should be relevant, and relevant to the larger things, the bigger things, such as Hiroshima and Dachau and so on. _ Sylvia Plath

1019/ Drawing is giving a performance; an artist is an actor who is not limited by the body, only by his ability and, perhaps, experience. _ Marc Davis

1020/ A store is just a collection of content. The Steam store is this very safe, boring entertainment experience. Nobody says, 'I'm going to play the Steam store now.' _ Gabe Newell

1021/ The role of a goalkeeper is difficult to judge, above all if you haven't been a goalkeeper. It's like me giving an opinion on someone's job without having had any experience in their sector. You start to realise how many stupid things are said and written about goalkeepers. _ Gianluigi Buffon

1022/ Experience teaches us that we do not always receive the blessings we ask for in prayer. _ Mary Baker Eddy

1023/ Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it. _ Max Frisch

1024/ What is the price of experience? Do men buy it for a song? Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No, it is bought with the price of all the man hath, his house, his wife, his children. _ William Blake

1025/ The great living experience for every man is his adventure into the woman. The man embraces in the woman all that is not himself, and from that one resultant, from that embrace, comes every new action. _ D. H. Lawrence

1026/ I would vote for the man who's lived life, who's done different occupations, who's been out in the real world and struggled to make a living, struggled to raise a family, struggled with life as it exists. So I'd vote for experience, honest experience. _ Oliver Stone

1027/ To me, the job of the artist is to provide a useful and intelligent vocabulary for the world to be able to articulate feelings they experience everyday, and otherwise wouldn't have the means to express in a meaningful and useful way. _ Mos Def

1028/ Acting is experience with something sweet behind it. _ Humphrey Bogart

1029/ Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector's item. _ Isaac Marion

1030/ I can go into the wilderness and not see anyone for days and experience a kind of space that hasn't changed for tens of thousands of years. Having that experience was necessary to my perception of how photography can look at the changes humanity has brought about in the landscape. My work does become a kind of lament. _ Edward Burtynsky

1031/ I had no real experience studying acting; I came to it having done other things for a living for many, many years, and I have this gigantic respect for experience and technique. _ Ali MacGraw

1032/ Everything is an open book. I don't speak on other people's hardship, but if it happened in my life or something that has been an experience on my particular journey, I'm going to talk about it. That's what my fan base appreciates the most. I'm universal. You can relate to the things I say or that I go through. _ Kevin Hart

1033/ My experience of great storytelling, working with classics, is just finding a way to present it simply but let the story do its own work, or be an invite to the audience's imagination. _ Kenneth Branagh

1034/ It is every intelligent man's experience that evildoing recoils on the doer sooner or later. _ Ramana Maharshi

1035/ One day, I would like to play in Premier League. It would be a great experience. _ Robert Lewandowski

1036/ Your experiences will be yours alone. But truth and best friendship will rarely if ever disappoint you. _ Anne Lamott

1037/ If your faith is opposed to experience, to human learning and investigation, it is not worth the breath used in giving it expression. _ E. W. Howe

1038/ With thoughts of the past and concerns about the future, we rob ourselves of a full experience of the present. _ Marianne Williamson

1039/ I believe in this being, not because I have any proper or direct knowledge of His existence, but I am at a loss to account for the existence and arrangement of the visible universe, and, being left in the wide sea of conjecture without a clue from analogy or experience, I find the conjecture of a God easy, obvious, and irresistible. _ William Godwin

1040/ The practice of law requires both continuity and growth – a deep understanding of legal principles born of reason, tradition, and experience and tested by time, but also a mind alert to present needs and the future consequences of public and private legal decisions. _ Diane S. Sykes

1041/ My image had always been very heterosexual, very straight. So it was a nice experience for me, a chance to clarify my own feelings about gay and lesbian civil rights. _ Bruce Springsteen

1042/ I think we love bacon because it has all the qualities of an amazing sensory experience. When we cook it, the sizzling sound is so appetizing, the aroma is maddening, the crunch of the texture is so gratifying and the taste delivers every time. _ Alexandra Guarnaschelli

1043/ I mean, making art is about objectifying your experience of the world, transforming the flow of moments into something visual, or textual, or musical, whatever. Art creates a kind of commentary. _ Barbara Kruger

1044/ In 2002 Mom and I got a chance to act together in a play called 'Pitching to the Star,' with her brother, Robert Lipton. The three of us on the same stage – that was such a special experience for me. _ Rashida Jones

1045/ When you're growing up, your dad is your superhero. Once you've let yourself fall that in love with someone, once you put him on such a high pedestal and he lets you down, you never want to experience that pain again. _ Jay – Z

1046/ The diet is a twisted, noxious thing, all tortured abstinence and short – term fraud. I speak from bitter experience. As a restaurant critic, I eat to live and live to eat. And having a toxic aversion to exercise, there is little to prevent the inevitable bulging of my gut. Hence the need for the occasional diet. _ Tom Parker Bowles

1047/ Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important. _ Nev Schulman

1048/ Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process. _ Sai Baba

1049/ Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. _ George Washington

1050/ Learning is a tunnel experience that makes us think more broadly. _ Anna Deavere Smith

1051/ In almost everything, experience is more valuable than precept. _ Quintilian

1052/ You see, I am trying in all my stories to get the feeling of the actual life across – not to just depict life – or criticize it – but to actually make it alive. So that when you have read something by me, you actually experience the thing. You can't do this without putting in the bad and the ugly as well as what is beautiful. _ Ernest Hemingway

1053/ Religion points to that area of human experience where in one way or another man comes upon mystery as a summons to pilgrimage. _ Frederick Buechner

1054/ Over the course of a day, you get to get a feel for where you're playing, so when you get out on stage, you already feel like you've had a bit of a bonding experience with them. _ David Nail

1055/ The winners at the Olympics step up, bursting with pride, because everything that they have worked for and all their dedication is rewarded in a climax that I, and most golfers, will never experience. _ Arnold Palmer

1056/ Doing a mall is not only construction of the physical place: what is important is the merchandising mix. We strive to serve the convenience of the public. We want shopping at our malls to be a unique and an enjoyable experience. _ Henry Sy

1057/ Surfing soothes me, it's always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I'm on a wave. _ Paul Walker

1058/ Play is a uniquely adaptive act, not subordinate to some other adaptive act, but with a special function of its own in human experience. _ Johan Huizinga

1059/ Women have no sympathy and my experience of women is almost as large as Europe. _ Florence Nightingale

1060/ I get to actually experience what it would be like to be a psycho, which is not a fun one, or to be a cowboy, or to be a weird character of some sort. For me, it suits me. It suits my personality. I'm an emotional kind of person anyway. _ Josh Holloway

1061/ It is possible to experience an awakening in this life through realising just how precious each moment, each mental process, and each breath truly is. _ Christy Turlington

1062/ Motherhood has completely changed me. It's just about like the most completely humbling experience that I've ever had. I think that it puts you in your place because it really forces you to address the issues that you claim to believe in and if you can't stand up to those principles when you're raising a child, forget it. _ Diane Keaton

1063/ If there's any object in human experience that's a precedent for what a computer should be like, it's a musical instrument: a device where you can explore a huge range of possibilities through an interface that connects your mind and your body, allowing you to be emotionally authentic and expressive. _ Jaron Lanier

1064/ There's no experience like going down an empty freeway toward a hurricane and then looking in the opposite lane and seeing bumper – to – bumper traffic, people fleeing that scene. Or going to a toxic spill and seeing people go the other way. You talk yourself into thinking you're invincible in order to do that. _ Lester Holt

1065/ My first experience in the Netherlands was very pleasant, extremely pleasant. I mean, I got my residence permit, refugee status, within four weeks of arrival. People treated me extremely well. _ Ayaan Hirsi Ali

1066/ I think it's very important for writers and artists generally to be witnesses to the world, and to be transparent. To let other people speak… to travel… to experience the world. And memorialize it. _ Joyce Carol Oates

1067/ Going to a movie is a two – hour experience; at $7.50 for a ticket, you are valuing your time at far less than the minimum wage. If you don't understand the film, don't leave. If you understand it all too well and hate it, get out of your seat and walk up the aisle. You will feel empowered. _ Gene Siskel

1068/ I wanted a CFO with public company experience; I needed an HR department, new office space, and a board which could help me grow the business. Insight, the private equity firm I chose, helped me with all that. _ Jon Oringer

1069/ I don't need much of a character in my life. I've already got one; my family knows who I am, and I don't have a reason to make an impression on the world around me unless it's in a professional context. Acting is not a personal experience; it's a job. _ Tommy Lee Jones

1070/ Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again. _ Andre Gide

1071/ Experience has taught me, when I am shaving of a morning, to keep watch over my thoughts, because, if a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act. _ A. E. Housman

1072/ It was the experience of mystery – even if mixed with fear – that engendered religion. _ Albert Einstein

1073/ I'm still trying to figure out how to write about cancer and my family's experience with it. If I had been able to write 'The Pura Principle' back in those days, I'm positive it would have had no humor in it. Which means the story would have been false. _ Junot Diaz

1074/ Productivity is going to be a critical issue. And it's not just about getting more time for professors in the classroom. It involves reexamining the learning experience and restructuring faculty and the use of faculty time. _ Roy Romer

1075/ I, at the age of 17 or 18 as a medical student, suddenly came up against a problem: 'What am I? What is the meaning of my existence as I experience it?' _ John Eccles

1076/ Who would want a face that hasn't seen or lived properly, hasn't got any wrinkles that come with age, experience and laughter? Not me, anyway. _ Cate Blanchett

1077/ Once in a while, I still witness occasionally sexist behavior and comments from men (which experience has taught me you should always deflect with humour rather than anger). Old habits die hard, after all, and it's unrealistic to expect dinosaurs to fall silent overnight. _ Maelle Gavet

1078/ In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. _ Ansel Adams

1079/ A conception not reducible to the small change of daily experience is like a currency not exchangeable for articles of consumption; it is not a symbol, but a fraud. _ George Santayana

1080/ Is Amazon truly the best online buying experience? Absolutely not. Is eBay the best platform for auction? Probably not. Are dating sites like match.com really a reflection of the way people date? Probably not. _ Danny Rimer

1081/ The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas. _ George Santayana

1082/ Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. _ Will Rogers

1083/ Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on. _ Samuel Butler

1084/ America is known as a country that welcomes people to its shores. All kinds of people. The image of the Statue of Liberty with Emma Lazarus' famous poem. She lifts her lamp and welcomes people to the golden shore, where they will not experience prejudice because of the color of their skin, the religious faith that they follow. _ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

1085/ It's a great, great experience to finally get the reception that you know you rightfully deserve. _ Kendrick Lamar

1086/ Experience is a dim lamp, which only lights the one who bears it. _ Louis – Ferdinand Celine

1087/ A testimony of the truth of the gospel does not come the same way to all people. Some receive it in a unique, life – changing experience. Others gain a testimony slowly, almost imperceptibly until, one day, they simply know. _ Joseph B. Wirthlin

1088/ To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding; one must use the same words for the same genus of inward experience; ultimately one must have one's experiences in common. _ Friedrich Nietzsche

1089/ I have learned from personal experience that putting trust in God means there will be some unanswered questions. That was a hard lesson for me because I naturally want to understand everything… to know what's going on so I can feel like I'm in control. _ Joyce Meyer

1090/ You don't take a class; you're thrown into motherhood and learn from experience. _ Jennie Finch

1091/ Experience is a good school. But the fees are high. _ Heinrich Heine

1092/ Although we have, in theory, abolished human slavery, recognized women's rights, and stopped child labor, we continue to enslave other species who, if we simply pay attention, show quite clearly that they experience parental love, pain, and the desire for freedom, just as we do. _ Ingrid Newkirk

1093/ The historical experience of socialist countries has sadly demonstrated that collectivism does not do away with alienation but rather increases it, adding to it a lack of basic necessities and economic inefficiency. _ Pope John Paul II

1094/ The taste of defeat has a richness of experience all its own. _ Bill Bradley

1095/ And only the photographer himself knows the effect he wants. He should know by instinct, grounded in experience, what subjects are enhanced by hard or soft, light or dark treatment. _ Bill Brandt

1096/ I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad and to travel for it too! _ William Shakespeare

1097/ My own experience is use the tools that are out there. Use the digital world. But never lose sight of the need to reach out and talk to other people who don't share your view. Listen to them and see if you can find a way to compromise. _ Colin Powell

1098/ There's no wrong way to experience a film. _ Vera Farmiga

1099/ We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and notice how often you have gone through the same experience. _ Louise L. Hay

1100/ The experience of being cared for is profound, and it nourishes the soul as much as the food does the body. _ Mariska Hargitay

Tổng Hợp 1110 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Experience Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 3)

301/ I think most artists will experience a lot of negative people on Twitter but, thank God, I've got so many followers that I'm not able to see them that much. I'll see some from time to time but, for the most part, I always focus on something good. _ Nicki Minaj

302/ In the old days, variety turns like me learned how to cope with failure – we all had nights when we 'died' on stage – but today's youngsters simply don't have that experience. For them, it really is instant make or break time – hence, all the tears and, hence, all the potential emotional damage. _ Bruce Forsyth

303/ Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it. _ Steven Wright

304/ My first experience with the creative was mopping tar. If you let the tar sit, it can get cold pretty quickly. And because the mops are so heavy, you've got to dip it and then ride it really fast. _ Theaster Gates

305/ When I go through hundreds of applications from people who all have very similar – sounding experience, cover letters are the only glimpse I have into a person's personality. _ Sophia Amoruso

306/ Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals. _ Kallam Anji Reddy

307/ I write the black experience in America, and contained within that experience, because it is a human experience, are all the universalities. _ August Wilson

308/ Most of the images of reality on which we base our actions are really based on vicarious experience. _ Albert Bandura

309/ My feeling, based on my own experience, is that aiming for grandiosity is the fastest route to failure. _ James Altucher

310/ All theory is against freedom of the will; all experience for it. _ Samuel Johnson

311/ People who fail to use their emotional intelligence skills are more likely to turn to other, less effective means of managing their mood. They are twice as likely to experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even thoughts of suicide. _ Travis Bradberry

312/ All of the legal defense funds out there, they're looking for people out there with court of appeals experience, because court of appeals is where policy is made. And I know, I know this is on tape and I should never say that because we don't make law, I know. I know. _ Sonia Sotomayor

313/ I'm a parent, especially when you've had the intense parenting the way I had. It's all in the bank. It's all in the great experience bank. Those are your secrets. That's the stuff that makes your work rich, that's what you dip into. _ Hector Elizondo

314/ I never thought about writing a novel until I was 13, and that happened by chance. I was on school holidays, and I was bored, and I thought I just wanted to do something to occupy myself instead of asking, 'What can I do, mum? Entertain me.' I started, and it really just took over, and I realised, 'Wow, this is an amazing experience.' _ Alexandra Adornetto

315/ The sole substitute for an experience which we have not ourselves lived through is art and literature. _ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

316/ It's not that people don't like classical music. It's that they don't have the chance to understand and to experience it. _ Gustavo Dudamel

317/ I went to Northwestern because I had gone to a really nontraditional high school. I was like, 'It'd be cool to have a traditional college experience.' Then I was like, 'Oh, but none of these people understand what's cool about me. My specialness is not appreciated in this place.' _ Zooey Deschanel

318/ Food is one part of the experience. And it has to be somewhere between 50 to 60 percent of the dining experience. But the rest counts as well: The mood, the atmosphere, the music, the feeling, the design, the harmony between what you have on the plate and what surrounds the plate. _ Alain Ducasse

319/ I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences… I'm human, not perfect, like anybody else. _ Queen Latifah

320/ Science is a way of life. Science is a perspective. Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that's precise, predictive and reliable – a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional. _ Brian Greene

321/ Japan, not only a mega – busy city that thrives on electronics and efficiency, actually has an almost sacred appreciation of nature. One must travel outside of Tokyo to truly experience the 'old Japan' and more importantly feel these aspects of Japanese culture. _ Apolo Ohno

322/ For me, there is no such thing as a negative experience. _ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

323/ Anyone who's made film and knows about the cinema has a lifelong love affair with the experience. You never stop learning about film. _ Francis Ford Coppola

324/ There's simply no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety. _ Chesley Sullenberger

325/ All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move. _ Alfred Lord Tennyson

326/ At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses. _ Ellen Key

327/ I moved from Kentucky to Miramar, Florida, at about 8. I think I was in second grade. I still had my Southern accent, and down there, you got to experience a melting pot in full fury. All the kids I hung out with were, like, Sicilian kids from Jersey and New York. _ Johnny Depp

328/ When I close my eyes, I still see things no one should ever experience: a bright red light, the black cloud soon after, people running in every direction trying desperately to escape – I remember it all. _ Issey Miyake

329/ All experience is an arch, to build upon. _ Henry Adams

330/ My experience has been in a short 77 years that in the end when you fight for a desperate cause and have good reasons to fight, you usually win. _ Edward Teller

331/ Many of the insights of the saint stem from their experience as sinners. _ Eric Hoffer

332/ I'm more interested in the meaning of funerals and the mourning that people do. It's not a retail experience. It's an existential one. _ Thomas Lynch

333/ I am the the type to have a personal experience with a celebrity, but I'm too classy to bring that up. _ Todd Barry

334/ I developed a mechanism so that whatever mistakes I made, I would bounce straight back. Whatever was happening off the pitch, I could put it to one side and maintain my form. Call it mental resilience or a strong mind, but that is what we mean when we talk about experience in a football team. _ Gary Neville

335/ What an artist is trying to do for people is bring them closer to something, because of course art is about sharing. You wouldn't be an artist unless you wanted to share an experience, a thought. _ David Hockney

336/ I want the pictures to be working in both directions. I accept that they speak about me, and yet at the same time, I want and expect them to function in terms of the viewer and their experience. _ Wolfgang Tillmans

337/ Science fiction is like a blender – you can put in any historical experience and take influences from everything you see, read or experience. _ Joss Whedon

338/ People from different parts of the world can respond to the same story if it says something to them about their own history and their own experience. _ Chinua Achebe

339/ I love the possibility that anything can happen in any moment with acting. That you have the opportunity to experience lives and adventures that you may not have otherwise. _ Genevieve Padalecki

340/ We literally live right in the middle of the zoo, and it means that every day is a new experience and so much fun. _ Bindi Irwin

341/ Every opportunity I got, I took it as a learning experience. _ Satya Nadella

342/ Australia is one of my favorite places to play – it's a crazy experience. _ Trombone Shorty

343/ There's a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It's impossible to be mature without having lived. _ Amy Grant

344/ The only faith that wears well and holds its color in all weathers is that which is woven of conviction and set with the sharp mordant of experience. _ James Russell Lowell

345/ Such happiness as life is capable of comes from the full participation of all our powers in the endeavor to wrest from each changing situations of experience its own full and unique meaning. _ John Dewey

346/ The book is actually called 'A Mentor Leader, a Different Way to Lead.' It really talks about my experience in the way I tried lead our football team, things that I learned from, basically, the coaches that I played for and my parents about leadership. And it is a little bit different, counter to maybe what society says about great leaders. _ Tony Dungy

347/ Marriage is no substitute for political experience. _ Sharad Pawar

348/ I got to experience soccer at the highest level at a young age; I decided I wanted to be part of that for as long as possible. _ Mia Hamm

349/ Acting is something I appreciate, and I think it's been an amazing experience. But I'm not passionate about acting the way you probably should be to call yourself an actor. _ Evangeline Lilly

350/ Each experience through which we pass operates ultimately for our good. This is a correct attitude to adopt and we must be able to see it in that light. _ Henry S. Haskins

351/ As human beings, we are vulnerable to confusing the unprecedented with the improbable. In our everyday experience, if something has never happened before, we are generally safe in assuming it is not going to happen in the future, but the exceptions can kill you and climate change is one of those exceptions. _ Al Gore

352/ As a teenager, my dad taught me about the idea of unintended consequences, and I've had the experience, and how to deal with it, pounded into my soul over the years. _ Brad Feld

353/ I think there are a number of things that you can do to encourage your kids' dreams, but I do believe in speaking by experience of having a lot of help along the way, stumbling in the past. We've all stumbled, and we certainly all deserve to get up and walk again. _ Dwayne Johnson

354/ Experience is the teacher of all things. _ Julius Caesar

355/ If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. _ Emil Zatopek

356/ Depression can kill you. It can also be a spiritually enriching experience. It's really an important part of my theology now and my spirituality that life is not perfect, and I grew up wanting it to be and thinking that if it wasn't, I could make it that way, and I had to acknowledge that I had all kinds of flaws and sadnesses and problems. _ Krista Tippett

357/ Hurricanes are dangerous things, and they're no fun to go through. And if you come out of it in one piece and your house comes out of in one piece, it's no fun living with no electricity for a day or a week, a month, whatever it is. And I speak, unfortunately, from personal experience on that matter. _ Bernard Goldberg

358/ To me the arcade experience is the ultimate gaming experience. _ Eugene Jarvis

359/ Acting is a question of absorbing other people's personalities and adding some of your own experience. _ Jean – Paul Sartre

360/ Since the time of St. Jerome, it was mandatory for any kind of scholar or thinker to spend time out in the desert in solitude. It's no coincidence that the desert has been a major part of the visionary or mystical experience from the beginning of time. _ Bill Viola

361/ I feel like one of the things that is central to American life is the religious experience, and I think that the experience of being Muslim in America is as valid and as important a perspective on the religious experience of America as evangelical Christianity or Judaism – whatever it may be. _ Ayad Akhtar

362/ A rare experience of a moment at daybreak, when something in nature seems to reveal all consciousness, cannot be explained at noon. Yet it is part of the day's unity. _ Charles Ives

363/ Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions. _ Dag Hammarskjold

364/ We have so much left to experience and learn about each other – it's almost like we've been remarried with the show being over. Now it's a whole new life for us. _ Nick Lachey

365/ Experience has shown how deeply the seeds of war are planted by economic rivalry and social injustice. _ Harry S Truman

366/ Experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider – web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air – borne particle in its tissue. _ Henry James

367/ Our job as writers and thinkers in the time is how to bring about the occasions that let people have that first – person experience – or the metaphoric experience that allows them to see human continuity as opposed to total threat, total willingness to do violence. _ Stanley Crouch

368/ It took me years to understand that words are often as important as experience, because words make experience last. _ William Morris

369/ I just want my audiences to be entertained and feel like they're part of the show. I want to show them a good time and create an experience they're going to enjoy. _ Lynda Carter

370/ I have my team. Like if you see everyone around me – I have my hair and makeup girl, my assistant. They're very calm, they're all about positive energy. There're no drama queens. Everyone wants everyone else to have a positive experience. There are no agendas. I think it creates a healthy environment and there are no boundaries to cross. _ Fergie

371/ You know, those of us who leave our homes in the morning and expect to find them there when we go back – it's hard for us to understand what the experience of a refugee might be like. _ Naomi Shihab Nye

372/ I can tell you from experience that God's help and presence in our lives is vital. He is the Author of all true success and everything that is good – without Him, we can do nothing of true value. _ Joyce Meyer

373/ The experience of pain or loss can be a formidably motivating force. _ John C. Maxwell

374/ People into hard sciences, neurophysiology, often ignore a core philosophical question: 'What is the relationship between our unique, inner experience of conscious awareness and material substance?' The answer is: We don't know, and some people are so terrified to say, 'I don't know.' _ Raymond Moody

375/ I think what people like about my channel is that I am not perfect. I always point to my pimple, my bad hair day… people relate to that. They are watching somebody who is exactly like them and talking about things that they experience as well. _ Lilly Singh

376/ I didn't really experience any hardship like people tend to think of when they hear the words 'Detroit, Michigan.' I think Big Sean is a much better ambassador for the city. _ Mike Posner

377/ But inner experience is only one source of human knowledge. _ Muhammad Iqbal

378/ Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. _ William Nicholson

379/ A lot of the time we think finances are immediately linked to experience, opportunities, image, and all sorts of important things that can progress us in life. Sometimes they're not. Finances can be completely irrelevant if you allow yourself to feel like things are going well. _ Natalia Kills

380/ Reading asks that you bring your whole life experience and your ability to decode the written word and your creative imagination to the page and be a co – author with the writer, because the story is just squiggles on the page unless you have a reader. _ Katherine Paterson

381/ I loved making Pure Country. It was a great learning experience for me, seeing another part of the entertainment industry. _ George Strait

382/ If you're working on a movie, you want it to be projected on the largest tapestry possible, and the sound to be perfect, and for that kind of communal experience of the movies to take place for it. _ Greg Kinnear

383/ Is being single hard? It depends where your mind is. If you are focused, being single is an enjoyable experience, but if you hate being alone, you'll hate being single. I think it depends on the individual are where they are in life. _ Lauren London

384/ Underwater, I experience space with my body. I'll see a school of fish gathering and moving together and I'll exclaim, 'This is architecture.' _ Antoine Predock

385/ If you build that foundation, both the moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won't crumble. _ Henry Kravis

386/ I learned mime back when I was in college, at Ball State University, Indiana. That woke up my body from the neck down and made me realize that acting and communication – portraying a story, event, or emotion – is a full – body experience. _ Doug Jones

387/ Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. _ Ludwig Wittgenstein

388/ The only source of knowledge is experience. _ Albert Einstein

389/ We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience. _ George Washington

390/ For me, life is about experience and being a good person. _ Chris Hemsworth

391/ European nations began World War I with a glamorous vision of war, only to be psychologically shattered by the realities of the trenches. The experience changed the way people referred to the glamour of battle; they treated it no longer as a positive quality but as a dangerous illusion. _ Virginia Postrel

392/ You need to experience life to be able to write about friendships, relationships, and heartbreak. _ Sabrina Carpenter

393/ Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. In Kyoto, there's an inn called the Tawaraya which is quite extraordinary. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It's the travel experience that has moved me the most. _ Roman Coppola

394/ If we turn our backs of the Scythians who have provoked us, how shamefully shall we march against the revolted Bactrians; but if we pass Tanais and make the Scythians feel, by dear experience, that we are invincible, not in Asia only, it is not to be doubted but that Europe itself, as well as Asia, will come within the bounds of our conquests. _ Alexander the Great

395/ The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes. _ Jack Hanna

396/ I think my experience as an actor helps me to write anything. It certainly helped me to write 'August Osage County.' It helps me to write any play that I'm working on because I think one of the things I do well is write good roles for actors. _ Tracy Letts

397/ Coincidence is a recognized element in 'real life.' All of us have anecdotes about those times when, by the merest coincidence, we avoided some disaster or stumbled onto some wonderful experience. _ Jane Lindskold

398/ Experiences are savings which a miser puts aside. Wisdom is an inheritance which a wastrel cannot exhaust. _ Karl Kraus

399/ 'Digiphrenia' is really the experience of trying to exist in more than one incarnation of yourself at the same time. There's your Twitter profile, there's your Facebook profile, there's your email inbox. And all of these sort of multiple instances of you are operating simultaneously and in parallel. _ Douglas Rushkoff

400/ Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats. _ Diane Arbus

Tổng Hợp 1110 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Experience Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 8)

801/ With tennis, you can go pick up a racket, take a lesson, and understand how much talent and skill it takes to be as good as the top pros. Same with golf: pick up a club. But not many can go out and get in a race car and experience a drive at over 200 miles an hour. _ Mario Andretti

802/ I had been doing MP3 players and handheld computers since 1990 – 1991, and so they sought me out because of my experience. And about 18 generations of iPod and three generations of iPhone later, I decided to leave Apple. _ Tony Fadell

803/ I found the experience of falling in love or being in love was a death: a death of everything. You kind of watch yourself die in a wonderful way, and you experience for the briefest moment – if you see yourself for a moment through their eyes – everything you believed about yourself gone. In a death – and – rebirth sense. _ Hozier

804/ By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. _ Confucius

805/ We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. _ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

806/ Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play. _ Immanuel Kant

807/ I don't have to have faith, I have experience. _ Joseph Campbell

808/ Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald. _ Navjot Singh Sidhu

809/ There are people hell – bent on the idea that we're a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It's simply about life experience. _ Amy Lee

810/ We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish. _ Friedrich August von Hayek

811/ The striking thing about the Precious Blood is the bond it establishes between love and suffering in our experience, a bond that has become so close that we have come to think of suffering accepted with joy as the most authentic sign of love with any depth at all. _ Gabriel Marcel

812/ There are no wishy – washy astronauts. You don't get up there by being uncaring and blase. And whatever gave you the sense of tenacity and purpose to get that far in life is absolutely reaffirmed and deepened by the experience itself. _ Chris Hadfield

813/ At its very core, virtual reality is about being freed from the limitations of actual reality. Carrying your virtual reality with you, and being able to jump into it whenever and wherever you want, qualitatively changes the experience for the better. Experiencing mobile VR is like when you first tried a decent desktop VR experience. _ John Carmack

814/ Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? _ Voltaire

815/ What I wrote all the time when I was a kid – I don't want to call it 'poetry,' because it wasn't poetry. I was not that kind of a writer. I was a rhymer. I was a fan of Dorothy Parker's, so maybe I wrote poetry to that extent, but my main focus was the humor of it, and word construction, and the slant. Your words, it's a very powerful experience. _ Carrie Fisher

816/ Studies perfect nature and are perfected still by experience. _ Francis Bacon

817/ I've been playing against older and stronger competition my whole life. It has made me a better tennis player and able to play against this kind of level despite their strength and experience. _ Maria Sharapova

818/ Sydney's a beautiful city. It was a great experience. _ Barbara Hershey

819/ Fatigue is what we experience, but it is what a match is to an atomic bomb. _ Laura Hillenbrand

820/ The events that I have attended to mark my Diamond Jubilee have been a humbling experience. It has touched me deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbors and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. _ Queen Elizabeth II

821/ My experience is the White House is not a very good place to coordinate intelligence, much less to integrate it. _ Dennis C. Blair

822/ Deep walkability describes a city that is built in such a way that you can move from one area to another on foot, on bicycle, on transit and have an experience that remains a pleasant one, that you feel you are welcome not just in the neighborhood but moving between neighborhoods. _ Alex Steffen

823/ We're still growing into that place of higher consciousness; we are becoming a global conscience. The idea is to unravel the onion and let go of the ego and evolve to that place where you perceive everything to be a beautiful experience rather than a daunting experience. _ Jon Anderson

824/ A friend of mine had died, and I went for an audition. It was weird and cathartic: the producer was very excited about the piece, but my brain wasn't working, and it all seemed really pointless and fickle. I told them I didn't want to be there any more, and left. It was the most terrifying and empowering audition experience I've had. _ Darren Boyd

825/ God has a plan for you – I can promise you that. Your life is sacred. There is and always has been a path for your soul, and if you follow that path, it will lead you to the inner utopia that your soul longs to experience in this lifetime. _ Debbie Ford

826/ I care deeply about craft: the quality of how something is made and the experience it enables. _ Kevin Systrom

827/ If we could truly experience one another, we could end bigotry. _ Wendy Robie

828/ Experience – the wisdom that enables us to recognise in an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced. _ Ambrose Bierce

829/ Past experience, on the shuttle and the Titan rockets, suggests that large multi – segment solid rockets have a probability of failure of 0.5 to 1 per cent. _ Henry Spencer

830/ The funny thing about writing is, although you are writing about an experience which only you have had, you are trying to welcome other people into it, and there are ways I think of doing this, and one of them is through the senses, through the sounds and the smells. _ Ronald Frame

831/ All around me insisted that my doubts proved only my own ignorance and sinfulness; that they knew by experience they would soon give place to true knowledge, and an advance in religion; and I felt something like indecision. _ Maria Monk

832/ One thing I know from personal experience, judges hate it when parties talk publicly about their cases. There are a lot of things about our criminal legal system that need to be changed, and this is just one of them. Prosecutors know how to play the press. Most defendants don't. _ Michael Arrington

833/ Writers to some extent are childish, and it's at the childish level that one really engages with any experience. What really moves you is at the very personal, childish level of the imagination. My business is the imagination, and my imagination is engaged by Asia. _ Christopher Koch

834/ And I thought, when I have kids, that's the sort of well told, silly, and fun fairy tale that I would want to take them to. But it was an amazing experience. And I think Shrek is a real classic, a fairy tale classic. _ Mike Myers

835/ Surely all art is the result of one's having been in danger, of having gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one can go any further. _ Rainer Maria Rilke

836/ It was an unbelievable experience! The brakes, the g – forces and the power of the engine are beyond description. Thanks to BMW and WilliamsF1 for giving me this chance to test. The test team looked after me brilliantly and I learnt plenty. _ Sebastian Vettel

837/ War is an arena for the display of courage and virtue. Or war is politics by other means. War is a quasi – mystical experience where you get in touch with the real. There are millions of narratives we impose to try to make sense of war. _ Phil Klay

838/ Good design to me is both appearance and functionality together. It's the experience that makes it good design. _ Michael Graves

839/ Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. _ e. e. cummings

840/ Mental strength is really important because you either win or lose in your mind. And I'm not solely talking about sporting matches, boxing events – anything you do, you do it first with your mental strength. And you can actually train and develop it, and I am responsible for what I'm saying because I have experience with that. _ Wladimir Klitschko

841/ My greatest disappointment is that I believe that those of us who went through the war and tried to write about it, about their experience, became messengers. We have given the message, and nothing changed. _ Elie Wiesel

842/ In real life we don't know what's going to happen next. So how can you be that way on a stage? Being alive to the possibility of not knowing exactly how everything is going to happen next – if you can find places to have that happen onstage, it can resonate with an experience of living. _ Sam Shepard

843/ The world is given to me only once, not one existing and one perceived. Subject and object are only one. The barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result of recent experience in the physical sciences, for this barrier does not exist. _ Erwin Schrodinger

844/ You could double the number of synaptic connections in a very simple neurocircuit as a result of experience and learning. The reason for that was that long – term memory alters the expression of genes in nerve cells, which is the cause of the growth of new synaptic connections. _ Eric Kandel

845/ A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience. _ Wallis Simpson

846/ The essence of a role – playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience. _ Gary Gygax

847/ The Louvre for me is a wonderful experience. Because it continues; it didn't get cut off. It was actually a continuous involvement all the way, and a lot of people have come and gone, come and gone; but I'm still here. _ I. M. Pei

848/ I began to realize that when people experience the love of God, it casts out their fear and frees them from guilt. _ Joseph Prince

849/ Our glory is hidden in our pain, if we allow God to bring the gift of himself in our experience of it. _ Henri Nouwen

850/ The dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution is one of the pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes. _ John Stuart Mill

851/ Experience praises the most happy the one who made the most people happy. _ Karl Marx

852/ I had to experience how someone beside me suddenly falls over and is dead and the bullet has hit him squarely. I had to experience that quite directly. I wanted it. I'm therefore not a pacifist at all – or am I? _ Otto Dix

853/ I think a painting should include more experience than simply intended statement. _ Jasper Johns

854/ I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater. Just having the art – communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn't a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn't try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth. _ Jared Leto

855/ You don't have to be a chef or even a particularly good cook to experience proper kitchen alchemy: the moment when ingredients combine to form something more delectable than the sum of their parts. Fancy ingredients or recipes not required; simple, made – up things are usually even better. _ Erin Morgenstern

856/ My prayer became 'May I find peace… May I love this life no matter what.' I was seeking an inner refuge, an experience of presence and wholeness that could carry me through whatever losses might come. _ Tara Brach

857/ On the intimate level, anyone who has loved a companion animal knows the uniquely wonderful experience these 'other nations' provide, and their important presence in our shared lives. In their very local way they show us the global truth of our real wealth, our biodiversity. _ April Gornik

858/ The purpose of God's creations and of His giving us life is to allow us to have the learning experience necessary for us to come back to Him, to live with Him in eternal life. _ Henry B. Eyring

859/ I read a great deal as a child. A lot of children go through a phase of reading in a literally voracious way. It is their primary imaginative activity. Maybe that's an experience which is not so common any more with the presence of television in every home. _ J. M. Coetzee

860/ Our human experience, like the World War II Ultra code – breaking machine, catches the heavy traffic of messages about what we really do and what is done to us every day. _ Eugene Kennedy

861/ Goldman in the '80s was like a priesthood, a monastic experience where you worked all the time but were incredibly dedicated to client services, to building and growing companies. _ Stephen Bannon

862/ What's really the driver of talent is not raw ability. It's not even just experience. It's what's called 'deliberate practice,' which is to say, if you do something a lot, you get really good at it. _ Stephen J. Dubner

863/ Everything is discursive opinion instead of direct experience. _ A. R. Ammons

864/ If I hadn't had the experience of being famous, I would have searched for it my whole life. I would have just gone on and on trying to find it. _ Matthew Perry

865/ Why do we need to support the food stamp program? Because low – income families experience unemployment at a far higher rate than other income groups. Because cutting nutritional assistance programs is immoral and shortsighted, and protecting families from hunger improves their health and educational outcomes. _ Donna Brazile

866/ I am definitely a Hillary, a Secretary Clinton supporter. I think that she's got the experience and the leadership capabilities to be the next president – and most importantly, her understanding of domestic and foreign policy and social issues. _ Michael Kelly

867/ Bodily discomfort and emotional fear and attachment make the dying uncomfortable and fearful. So, to help those dying people, I think modern medical science has a lot of facilities to reduce pain, or perhaps not to reduce pain, but not to experience pain. _ Lobsang Tenzin

868/ I actually think the whole concept of retirement is a bit stupid, so yes, I do want to do something else. There is this strange thing that just because chronologically on a Friday night you have reached a certain age… with all that experience, how can it be that on a Monday morning, you are useless? _ Stuart Rose

869/ I'm sure it's one of the most frustrating aspects of human experience for all of us, that when we tell someone who's hurt us that they've hurt us, they tend to react with anger because they feel guilty, and we know we also get angry when we feel guilty. _ Joshua Oppenheimer

870/ Best thing that's happened this year? Maybe Hostel. It was a great experience. I loved it. _ Jay Hernandez

871/ We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains. _ Ursula K. Le Guin

872/ I've never been speed dating! I sort of wish I had, just for the experience of it. _ America Ferrera

873/ Observation more than books and experience more than persons, are the prime educators. _ Amos Bronson Alcott

874/ When one begins, as I did, to analyze men after a fairly long experience of analyzing women, one receives a most surprising impression of the intensity of this envy of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood, as well as of breasts and of the act of suckling. _ Karen Horney

875/ There are three methods to gaining wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest. _ Confucius

876/ Living in a rural setting exposes you to so many marvelous things – the natural world and the particular texture of small – town life, and the exhilarating experience of open space. _ Susan Orlean

877/ Uber is efficiency with elegance on top. That's why I buy an iPhone instead of an average cell phone, why I go to a nice restaurant and pay a little bit more. It's for the experience. _ Travis Kalanick

878/ My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones. _ Agnetha Faltskog

879/ I know from experience that you should never give up on yourself or others, no matter what. _ George Foreman

880/ Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them. _ Charles Simic

881/ To be happy when you are travelling, you need to be happy inside before you leave. A positive frame of mind will definitely enhance your travelling experience. If I'm not in a positive frame of mind then the whole thing definitely becomes more of a challenge for me. _ Andrea Bocelli

882/ We seem to forget that innovation doesn't just come from equations or new kinds of chemicals, it comes from a human place. Innovation in the sciences is always linked in some way, either directly or indirectly, to a human experience. _ John Maeda

883/ Conviction without experience makes for harshness. _ Flannery O'Connor

884/ The thing I love about being an actor is the ability to travel and experience new cultures. _ Paul Wesley

885/ Many people know so little about what is beyond their short range of experience. They look within themselves – and find nothing! Therefore they conclude that there is nothing outside themselves either. _ Helen Keller

886/ Learn to reverence night and to put away the vulgar fear of it, for, with the banishment of night from the experience of man, there vanishes as well a religious emotion, a poetic mood, which gives depth to the adventure of humanity. _ Henry Beston

887/ Hill Street Blues might have been the first television show that had a memory. One episode after another was part of a cumulative experience shared by the audience. _ Steven Bochco

888/ I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and teach other black women to fly. _ Bessie Coleman

889/ I don't think as a creator that I could create an experience that truly feels interactive if you don't have something to hold in your hand, if you don't have something like force feedback that you can feel from the controller. _ Shigeru Miyamoto

890/ In high school, I was on the youth advisory council for the Mayor's Office of Los Angeles, and that was kind of my first experience in the bureaucratic system. We tried to get things done, and nobody was really interested in getting anything done. _ Rashida Jones

891/ Characters who experience great trauma will sometimes create an escape. _ Geoffrey S. Fletcher

892/ When life is good and we have no problems, we can almost let ourselves believe we have no need for God. But in my experience, sometimes the richest blessings come through pain and hard things. _ Anne Graham Lotz

893/ I guess my music career is my personal life. You know, I've always been a writer who wants to write about my experiences. And so this experience being added to that, I – I want to live extraordinary experiences. And when I give advice to people, I want it to be sage advice. _ Jason Mraz

894/ Athletics and physical activity are important parts of youth development, in my experience and view. _ Chris Gabrieli

895/ I think that even though some of the things on 'Humans of New York' are kind of very personal and very revealing, I think the discomfort with sharing that tends to be overwritten by the appreciation of being able to distill the experience of your life into a story and share it with other people. _ Brandon Stanton

896/ I'm definitely of the 'less is more' mentality, and what I really appreciate is that fragrance is chemical, and it changes with your body throughout the day. It's a very deeply personal thing. One smell on one person isn't the same on another, and I appreciate the uniqueness of that experience. _ Chris Pine

897/ Few people even scratch the surface, much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience. _ Randolph Bourne

898/ A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in the experience. _ Elbert Hubbard

899/ My dream as a passionate cook has been to go to Le Cordon Bleu. Never could my most incredible dream have lived up to the experience. The food, the lesson, the chef, the ingredients – all the best of the best. I see why Le Cordon Bleu is world – renowned. _ Blake Lively

900/ Obviously the facts are never just coming at you but are incorporated by an imagination that is formed by your previous experience. Memories of the past are not memories of facts but memories of your imaginings of the facts. _ Philip Roth

Tổng Hợp 1110 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Experience Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 9)

901/ I think after coming off of 'American Idol'… people kind of expect you to just be awesome all the time, and we're still learning. I had a lot of stage experience, but it was in a 200 – seat theater, you know – it wasn't thousands of people in front of me. _ Carrie Underwood

902/ I found myself doing all these action – adventure movies, and it's been a fantastic experience, and I've learnt a lot. _ Orlando Bloom

903/ I think my biggest learning experience is that it's okay to be who you are – you don't have to exactly fit the mold of what people think a certain kind of career is. I think that discovery – of really knowing who I am and being okay with that and loving myself – was amazing. _ Dree Hemingway

904/ The overall experience Skype provided was superior to other folks because of the underlying architecture and the ability to provide a superior experience. _ Danny Rimer

905/ Glamour is all about transcending this world and getting to an idealized, perfect place. And this is one reason that modes of transportation tend to be extremely glamorous. The less experience we have with them, the more glamorous they are. So you can do a glamorized picture of a car, but you can't do a glamorized picture of traffic. _ Virginia Postrel

906/ Theaters are always going to be around, and doing fine. With computers and technology, we're becoming more and more secluded from each other. And the movie theater is one of the last places where we can still gather and experience something together. I don't think the desire for that magic will ever go away. _ Wolfgang Petersen

907/ 'Empire' deals with the black experience, the human experience, sibling rivalry, what it feels like to be ignored or doted upon by a parent, illness, death. There are so many things that I think the audience can identify with. _ Grace Gealey

908/ No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man. _ Heraclitus

909/ Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. _ Aldous Huxley

910/ Life it is not just a series of calculations and a sum total of statistics, it's about experience, it's about participation, it is something more complex and more interesting than what is obvious. _ Daniel Libeskind

911/ I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. _ Joseph Campbell

912/ It's more fun to experience things when you don't know what's going to happen. _ Louis C. K.

913/ Watching television in those days was not the same experience as it is today. After years of listening to radio, we found the black – and – white images mesmerizing. _ Annette Funicello

914/ In a multicultural, diverse society there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity. _ Randa Abdel – Fattah

915/ It is a very busy mission: every day has some major goals that we have to get through, but my experience before has been that at least in the evening, you kind of take a deep breath and look around where you are and have some downtime. _ Linda M. Godwin

916/ Switching from one career to another can be scary, but it also can be a thrilling experience. Look at it as an opportunity to really go after what you want to accomplish in life and make a difference in the world. The key is to take small, conscious steps and prepare yourself for a successful transition. _ Jack Canfield

917/ I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited. _ Sylvia Plath

918/ You don't cheat anybody out of their experience, whatever it is. _ Andre Agassi

919/ The mind of a 19 – year – old is very different from the mind of a 26 – year – old. You grow. You get into better relationships. You experience more, meet more people, better people. But when you're in a dark hole at an earlier point in your life – you write about the mindset you're in at that moment. _ The Weeknd

920/ Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred. _ Walter Benjamin

921/ God is only a great imaginative experience. _ D. H. Lawrence

922/ I think experience will teach you a combination of liberalism and conservatism. We have to be progressive and at the same time we have to retain values. We have to hold onto the past as we explore the future. _ Oliver Stone

923/ Our DNA is as a consumer company – for that individual customer who's voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That's who we think about. And we think that our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it's not up to par, it's our fault, plain and simply. _ Steve Jobs

924/ How do people relate to movies now, when they're on portable devices or streaming them? It's not as much about going to the movies. That experience has changed. _ Keanu Reeves

925/ I've been to Sundance eight times as a publicist and thought I was very prepared. I mean, who could've been more prepared for me? A publicist who's been there eight times. Getting there as a filmmaker was a completely surreal, different, unexpected experience. _ Ava DuVernay

926/ It's traumatic to meditate on the availability of information through the Internet, or the way we perceive the world as a result. People don't experience things totally or viscerally anymore. It's all through representation, be it a record on YouTube or a post on a blog. _ Sufjan Stevens

927/ I was never a good student. I had to be dragged into kindergarten. It was hard to sit and listen to somebody talk. I wanted to be out, educated by experience and adventure, and I didn't know how to express that. _ Robert Redford

928/ The raccoons, foxes, beavers, chinchillas, minks, rabbits, and yes, sometimes even dogs and cats that are killed for fur are not very different from your beloved dog or cat. They all have eyes, ears and hearts. They all experience pain when they are physically maimed. They shake with fear when they experience terror. _ Jane Velez – Mitchell

929/ Probably the most formative experience was reading the 'Foundation' trilogy when I was about twelve years old. That wasn't the first science fiction I had ever read, but it's something that stands out in my memory as having had a big impact on me. _ Ted Chiang

930/ Whoever doesn't know it must learn and find by experience that 'a quiet conscience makes one strong!' _ Anne Frank

931/ Women and girls, men and boys all share the right to live free of violence, which is, unfortunately, experienced by both men and women. Women and girls, however, disproportionately experience violence due to a deeply rooted global culture of gender discrimination. _ Nazanin Boniadi

932/ The head learns new things, but the heart forever practices old experiences. _ Henry Ward Beecher

933/ Unwearied ceaseless effort is the price that must be paid for turning faith into a rich infallible experience. _ Mahatma Gandhi

934/ I get tired of comedies where there are a bunch of funny guys and a beautiful woman who doesn't do anything funny. And I don't like books where there's a rough – and – tumble boy and a really clever, snotty girl. That's just not my experience with teenagers. _ Patrick Ness

935/ I think it will be found that experience, the true source and foundation of all knowledge, invariably confirms its truth. _ Thomas Malthus

936/ I did this movie called 'Lymelife' when I was 18, and you know, it was the first time I was working as an adult, a legal adult, and that was a huge growing experience for me. _ Rory Culkin

937/ There have been times when I felt suicidal and I would stop my head from going in that direction of negativity because I thought there'd be something I'd miss that was funny in the future. If there's a chance I'm going to laugh tomorrow then want to live to experience that. _ Dave Navarro

938/ A lot of people fear death because they think that so overwhelming an experience has to be painful, but I've seen quite a few deaths, and, with one exception, I've never known anyone to undergo anything like agony. That's amazing when you think about it. I mean, how complicated the mechanism is that's being taken apart. _ Lewis Thomas

939/ Piano playing is a dying art. I love the fact that I can be one guy with one instrument evoking an emotional and musical experience. _ Jon Bon Jovi

940/ Working with HBO was an opportunity to experience creative freedom and 'long – form development' that filmmakers didn't have a chance to do before the emergence of shows like 'The Sopranos.' _ Martin Scorsese

941/ Based on my experience, I believe that Ben Sasse has the right policy background, a notable commitment to public service – and, perhaps most importantly, the courage – to help renew our country. _ Jeff Fortenberry

942/ A good designer must rely on experience, on precise, logic thinking; and on pedantic exactness. No magic will do. _ Niklaus Wirth

943/ Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. _ Vince Lombardi

944/ It's a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself. _ Brad Pitt

945/ I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers. _ Gloria Steinem

946/ People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you've figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence. Don't be shy or feel intimidated by the experience. You may face some unexpected criticism, but be prepared for it with confidence. _ Jack Canfield

947/ I've learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work. _ Louis C. K.

948/ It is a great honor to be awarded a Nobel Prize. This is a wonderful experience for my wife Betty and me. We received congratulations by email, phone and post, many from old friends we had not seen for some time. _ Willard Boyle

949/ Experience is the only prophecy of wise men. _ Alphonse de Lamartine

950/ I grew up like Huck Finn, always outdoors, exploring, collecting frogs – there was space everywhere. I want my kids to experience that too. I love being outside. _ Josh Duhamel

951/ I love challenge. I love to be afraid before a film, before acting. I think always I want to experience fear. I've become addicted to this feeling. _ Lea Seydoux

952/ A quintessential experience is to raft the Rio Grande through the Blue Mountains, stopping off at waterfalls and having picnics of barbecued fish. _ Ben Elliot

953/ I grew up in war and saw the United Nations help my country to recover and rebuild. That experience was a big part of what led me to pursue a career in public service. As Secretary – General, I am determined to see this organization deliver tangible, meaningful results that advance peace, development and human rights. _ Ban Ki – moon

954/ Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience. _ Denis Waitley

955/ I suppose one has a greater sense of intellectual degradation after an interview with a doctor than from any human experience. _ Alice James

956/ They become the keepers of the mystery. They place themselves between the communicants of the religion, and the immediate experience. And then they dictate the terms on which you can have contact with this wonderful mystery. We don't dictate those terms. _ Larry Harvey

957/ The Yale group was doing the Harold. So by our senior year we were trying to do the Harold. Again, we had no idea what we were doing. We had one guy in the group who was pretty experimental; he would kind of push us to do weird things. It was really fun, a great experience. _ Rachel Dratch

958/ I know from my own personal experience. I was bullied in middle school and high school and went through my fair share of hard times thereafter. Also, one of my really good friends committed suicide when I was in high school. _ Brittany Snow

959/ When I'm home on a break, I lock myself in my room and play guitar. After two or three hours, I start getting into this total meditation. It's a feeling few people experience, and that's usually when I come up with weird stuff. It just flows. I can't force myself. I don't sit down and say I've got to practice. _ Eddie Van Halen

960/ I'm really passionate about pantomime because it is often the first introduction for a child to theatre, and if that child has a great experience at a pantomime they will continue to come year after year. _ John Barrowman

961/ I believe people can have a profound experience by being surrounded by something beautiful – that's what I aim for. My sculpture is about the way you feel when you're standing under it and inside it. It's experiential art. _ Janet Echelman

962/ We all experience power struggles in our lives – at the workplace, with our friends, in our love lives. In a way, we're all politicians. _ Beau Willimon

963/ Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. _ Hal Borland

964/ We have to allow ourselves the freedom to make mistakes, including cultural mistakes, in our first drafts. I believe it's okay to get cultural details wrong in your first draft. It's okay if stereotypes emerge. It just means that your experience is limited, that you're human. _ Gene Luen Yang

965/ Ideologies are ways of organizing large swaths of life and experience under a set of shared but unexamined assumptions. This quality makes an ideology particularly hard to see, at least while it's exerting its hold on your culture. A reigning ideology is a little like the weather: all pervasive and virtually inescapable. _ Michael Pollan

966/ The most important thing is to have a point of view and have something to say. That is important if you are filmmaker or artist. That means you have to experience the world. _ Kathleen Kennedy

967/ Not the fruit of experience, but experience itself, is the end. _ Walter Pater

968/ The dead play a very prominent part in the experience of the wanderer abroad. The houses in which they were born, the tombs in which they lie, the localities they made famous by their good or evil deeds, and the works their genius left behind them are necessarily the chief shrines of his pilgrimage. _ Thomas Bailey Aldrich

969/ From this experience we have learned that in a big party it is important to have the necessary and often controversial discussions on policy issues such as the health system while in opposition. _ Angela Merkel

970/ There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience. _ Archibald MacLeish

971/ I am a medical scientist, not a practical physician. I think it's very upfront. I am a doctor. I have long experience with heart disease. _ Robert Jarvik

972/ I was born in Seoul, South Korea; then I moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. In New York, I studied art and photography. I thought I would be a painter; then I saw Walker Evans when I was in college, and that had a great impact on me. Being in the darkroom making B&W prints was such a magical experience. _ Sung Jin Park

973/ A lot of people think they should be happy all the time. But the writer understands you need both. You need the whole piano: the richness of the whole human experience. Depression, suffering and anger are all part of being human. _ Janet Fitch

974/ You can learn more from the lows than the highs. The highs are great but the lows make you really look at things in a different way and want to improve. Every player will have both in their careers and I have, but what you get is that experience which is so important to perform at your best. _ Wayne Rooney

975/ You may not seem able to change some outer circumstances but you can start by changing your inner experience of life and yourself. _ Joy Page

976/ In my experience with women that I've dated and my wife now, is you have to know what they care about. And even if you aren't a huge fan of it, you still have to have interest in it and it has to be genuine because women do it for men all the time. _ Tim Meadows

977/ Ordinary men are given the authority of the priesthood. Worthiness and willingness – not experience, expertise, or education – are the qualifications for priesthood ordination. _ David A. Bednar

978/ Despite my firm convictions, I have always been a man who tries to face facts, and to accept the reality of life as new experience and new knowledge unfolds. I have always kept an open mind, a flexibility that must go hand in hand with every form of the intelligent search for truth. _ Malcolm X

979/ It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. _ Abraham Lincoln

980/ Karma, memory, and desire are just the software of the soul. It's conditioning that the soul undergoes in order to create experience. And it's a cycle. In most people, the cycle is a conditioned response. They do the same things over and over again. _ Deepak Chopra

981/ Along the way, let's never forget that once we were children and that we were all playing together without distinction of skin color, society level, or where people come from. Adults need to remember to play and to be more childlike in our behavior. We've forgotten what that childlike experience was like. _ Guy Laliberte

982/ The only thing we have learnt from experience is that we learn nothing from experience. _ Chinua Achebe

983/ See any detour as an opportunity to experience new things. _ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

984/ The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse. _ Helen Keller

985/ For many people who were never religious or who leave the religion of their childhood behind, it's the experience of having children of your own that brings an urgency to the question of what you believe. _ Krista Tippett

986/ When you experience the emotion of sadness, there will be changes in facial expression, and your body will be closed in, withdrawn. There are also changes in your heart, your guts: they slow down. And there are hormonal changes. _ Antonio Damasio

987/ The reward of suffering is experience. _ Harry S Truman

988/ It makes sense that we came up with our public school system during the Industrial Revolution because it's like everybody is a factory worker, eating their terrible food and going back to the room where you're silent and listening to an idiot. That's an epitomizing idea, getting called 'Nothing' for your whole high school experience. _ Ezra Miller

989/ In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body. _ Barbara De Angelis

990/ Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement. _ Jim Horning

991/ It sounds kind of strange, but Jail time was almost a good experience for me. _ Tommy Lee

992/ There is no more lively sensation than that of pain; its impressions are certain and dependable, they never deceive as may those of the pleasure women perpetually feign and almost never experience. _ Marquis de Sade

993/ Magicians lose the opportunity to experience a sense of wonder. _ David Copperfield

994/ Men do weird things when they experience fear. It's like a fight – or – flight thing. _ Rashida Jones

995/ Certainly all historical experience confirms the truth – that man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible. _ Max Weber

996/ I am not writing to try and convert people to fundamental Christianity. I am just trying to share my experience, strength and hope, that someone who is as messed up and neurotic and scarred and scared can be fully accepted by our dear Lord, no questions asked. _ Anne Lamott

997/ I tell young entrepreneurs to use the leader in their industry and as a benchmark as they work to create their own brand. Don't look at what your competition is doing – if you emulate the leader in your industry, you will achieve a higher level of engagement with consumers and make their buying experience richer. _ Steve Stoute

998/ How nice it would be to breeze through life and just brush things off. I never read reviews because I hate to lose more than I like to win; I experience negative emotions far greater than positive ones. _ Catherine Tate

999/ Essentially, I'm a 21 – year – old who's a millionaire through gaming, vlogging, and my online experience. Yo, I'll take it! _ KSI

1000/ As a Catholic, I find mindfulness helps me participate in my religion more wholeheartedly. If you are praying the rosary, participating in the rituals at Mass, or listening to the priest preach, you will actually be paying attention! Whatever your religion is, it can enhance the experience of participating in that religion. _ Tim Ryan

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